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National Grid G33 Project:

National Grid G33 National Grid G33 National Grid G33  

In December of 2010 a pole replacement and reconductoring project on the National Grid G33 line was halted for the winter months, with the project approximately 50% complete. Prior to work stoppage all areas under construction were stabilized either permanently or temporarily. At that time, CEC-NH was contracted by VHB, National Grids environmental consulting firm, to become a co permit holder and provide OSPC and BMP maintenance services under VHB's guidance on all areas where construction activities had taken place, until work resumed in the spring.

In the spring of 2011 National Grid and VHB created a punch list of items that needed to be completed to achieve final stabilization on the New Hampshire portion of the line. The work consisted of reconstructing water bars, removing silt fence, hay bales and straw wattles in stabilized areas and seeding and hay mulching areas with poor or no vegetation. Several stone construction entrances were removed and stone was removed from the banks of one stream crossing and the banks were stabilized with North American Green erosion control blanket. CEC-NH completed the work within a few weeks, with a few BMP's left in place in areas that had little or no vegetation. By late July these areas had also vegetated significantly enough so that all BMP's could be removed from the site.

CEC-NH also preformed final restoration on sections of the G33 in Vermont where work was primarily complete before the work stoppage in December. In Vermont, CEC-NH worked closely with VHB to get approval to use pelletized mulch in place of hay for all seeding work. Seed was applied first allowing for good soil seed contact and the mulch, a wood fiber/corn blend with a guar tackifier was applied over the top using a small hay blower or PTO driven fertilizer spreader depending on the terrain. The pelletized mulch has excellent moisture holding capability and required less travel on right of way access roads for application. Germination within the first few weeks was excellent and no washout was observed even though the area received scattered thunderstorms during the initial germination period.


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